Human-centered performance and agility management suite
  • Transform quickly your organization to:
  • Satisfy your clients
  • Improve your productivity and eliminate the defects
  • Conceive and implement your strategy
  • Limit your risks and manage all incidents
  • Implement regulations

Change4win empowers teams from medium and large organizations

to collectively evaluate, brainstorm, plan, execute and continually

improve all aspects of their performance in synergy with other

teams, business objectives and customer satisfaction

  • The software environment of
    the future organizations*
  • arrow Focus on Goal achievement (OKR)
  • bulb Boost collective intelligence
  • team Organize the empowerment of teams
  • human Put the human being back at the center
  • meetings Reduce lengthy meetings
  • Eliminate email based communication
  • changes Stimulate change
  • silos Connect silos
  • decision-making Improve decision-making
  • cog Integrate with your SI through multiple APIs

Make Internal Changes
  • One Repository
  • Benefit from instant implementation
  • Benefit from ready-to-use methods and streamlined processes
  • Benefit from proactive collaborative environment
  • Benefit from user friendly implementation tools
  • Easy to use
Better controlled
  • Benefit from real time monitoring
  • Benefit from human engagement tools
  • Deploy globally in a systematic and reproductible way
  • Bank-type security level
  • Benefit from collective intelligence
  • Benefit from knowledge database
  • Make innovation that focuses on key strategic challenges
  • Cope with complexity
  • Cope with silos effects
  • Import / Export:
    • Between sites
    • Import from excel
    • Export date to excel, word, pdf
    • API to import from third-party software
Goal achieved
  • Benefit from correction processing
  • Benefit from objectives assessment
  • Benefit from rapid implementation, deployment and result
Are you ready for these new or aggravating risks?


Why is change so long and difficult to achieve?
How do we overcome those pitfalls?
We have identified 128 pitfalls to be split into 3 categories.

We make easy to empower the
people and make teams work
fully aligned with the global
strategy and objectives.
Our collaborative environnement
works as an incentive to change.
Our cloud-ready applications are
especially designed to organize,
streamline and accelerate
organizational change processes.
One Change Type, One Process, One Application
Organize and streamline each process of change with the appropriate application

  • Streamline processes
  • Reduce :
    • Lengthy meetings
    • Emails
    • Reporting
    • Trainings
    • Consulting
  • Capture knowledge
  • Share best drawn-up solution
  • Improve decision-making
  • Be guided step-by-step
  • Connect silos
  • Reduce admin tasks
  • Deploy instantly
A collaborative decision-making tool at the heart of our applications
to efficiently drive the process of reflection and achievement of objectives
Identify objectives and gaps (KPIs)
Retrieve data (API) and analyze
Define how objectives are to be achieved
Implement the drawn-up solutions
Compare the result against objectives
Learn the lesson and capture the knowledge
Drive this process 10 times faster!
A unique catalogue of applications
in an environment that fosters change and collaboration
to organize, streamline and accelerate all processes of change


...based on modules so that you only use what you need
  • Use a business map to clarify accountability
  • Visualize the transformation steps in a Gantt
  • Monitor
  • Benefit from full applications integration
  • Create a culture of compliace, risk, growth
    & transparency
  • Raise questions or take a decision to a group
  • Notify or get notified
  • Alert or get alerted
  • Manage rewards and recognition
Next-Generation Organizations

The new organizations are base on autonomous teams
  • - closely aligned with the strategy and global objectives
  • - constantly experimenting and learning
  • - taking the best decision through collective and artificial intelligence

These organizations have successfully developed, aside the hierarchial level that suits the production requirements, a non-hierarchial level made of collaboration and network synergy to quickly adapt to new challenges.
Dual Network organization

The same way production processes are optimized through ERPs, we believe strong adaptive capacities can be achieved through applications that streamline the change related processes of the organization.

Hierarchical Organizations Next-Generation Organizations
Top down
Production Centric
Late Adopter
Change Resistant
Conflicts of Interests
Centralized Decision

Still, Increasing autonomy will not make the organization more successful if further challenges are not met, such as:
  • Incompetence
  • Mismanagement
  • Disengagement
  • Conflict
  • Silos issues
  • Lack of relevant and timely information on compliance objectives
  • Lack of appropriate methods
  • lack of proper risks management
  • etc.
How to cope?
Make empowerment a success!
Evolve into the next-generation organization in a controlled manner


Empower your teams with tools and methods that make
them autonomous and goals achievers

Make easy for them to:

  • Plan
  • Collaborate
  • Share views on objectives, current state, processes, tasks
  • Share best practices, key information and files
  • Brainstorm collectively to best achieve goals
  • Be step-by-step guided through the best methods
  • Manage projects

Take full control over the empowerment process
and monitor what you have delegated

We’ve made easy for you to:

  • Map all the items of the organization and definie who’s responsible for what
  • Cascade global objectives to sub-objectives for your teams
  • Define systematic methods and change schemes to be followed by all teams throughout the organization: Risk, Lean Six Sigma, Swot, …
  • Plan the implementation by team and visualize it in a Gantt
  • Manage projects and support
  • Monitor results for a posteriori control by the management


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