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  • Reduce by 5 the time of your regulatory projects  

    In most companies, the share of truly incompressible value-added activities is very low.

    Project members are mainly busy with ineffective meetings, task tracking, finding
    organizational information, communicating obligations to everyone,
    solving priority problems and political games of actors, 
    analyzing regulations, reinventing lost knowledge,  ...

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How will you improve your performance today ?

    Integrated set of applications   +   Support


We can help you coordinate and manage your transformation initiatives,
or adopt an agile organization and empowering to accelerate the change. 

& Agility
- 11 attributes of organisations
with exponential growth
- Market situation analysis
- Innovation (15 exercices)
· Execute the strategy
· Balanced score card, OKR, KPI
· Perfromance bottlenech resolution project
· Customer experience
· Operational excellence
· Digital strategy and transformation
· Risk, incident and Compliance management
· GDPR compliance
· Project management
· Business analyst
· Change management
· Audit of 120 criteria
· Management 3.0 for a VUCA world
· Process-based management
· Result-based management
· Empowerment program
· Organize teams autonomy
· Adopt a customer centric organization
· Engagement & well-being


Accelerate performance improvement

Visibility & Transparence

Everyone depending on rights can view KPI evolution, discussion, analysis, tasks performed, and access all organizational information


One all-in-one platform to manage all performance initiatives with all modules needed integrated

Maximum adaptive capacity

Manage more than 60 adaptation processes of a company

Direct your efforts

Direct your initiatives towards your strategic or commercial objectives (innovation, process improvement and digitization initiatives)

Human - Centered


Advanced UX to simplify complex methods and processes

Limited time & training needed

Teams usually lack knowledge on methods and time to participate in performance improvement

Fits all types of organization

Our platform fits all types of organization: top-down / agile and empowering. It can also help your company to move from one type of organization to another.

Shared vision

The teams have a shared vision of all the elements allowing an efficient autonomy (objectives, risks, issues, results, information & knowledge, processes, regulation requirements, actions)

Adaptable & flexible

Start small, think big

You can test an application with a limited number of users and increase your access based on your needs and priorities. Our platform will match gradually all your needs.

Pay for what your employee use

In keeping with our empowerment philosophy, you only pay for modules that are opened by your employees. In this way, you can let your employees choose the applications they will use, and just set a maximum amount that can be charged.

Customizable problem-solving process

You can customize the problem-solving process that will appear for each objective or challenge, to your company's methods


We evolve our platform according to the requests of the customers if these requests are generic and usable by the other customers


is an abstract concept unrelated to performance.

We have dissected & cracked business agility performance. 

More than 40 integrated modules

  • List of objectives and gaps
  • Survey
  • Interconnected process & organization's repository
  • Collective intelligence modules
  • Dashboard
  • KPI & graphs
  • Alerts on results
  • Impact management
  • Idea management
  • Tasks & project management
  • Knowledge management
  • Chat per subject
  • Gamification
  • ....
       120 factors of agility & performance

  • Shared vision, strategy & organization
  • Values  
  • Communication
  • Coaching & ambassadors
  • Management 3.0 for a VUCA world
  • Result & Process-based management
  • Mastery of the learning cycle
  • Employee's engagement
  • Empowerment,  accountability & alignment 
  • Skills management
  • Reward & recognition
  • Transparency
  • Error / Mistake
  • ....

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